What Can Hi-Tech Self Storage Units Offer?

Hey! Self storage units or facilities are not like what they were anymore. These aren’t just old and big warehouses anymore that you can keep your stuff in. Today, storage facilities have become hi-tech too. Why? Primarily because they want to offer quality services to their customers. And if they can provide tech savvy features, they’ll gain more customers and earn more revenue.


If you’re thinking of renting a self storage unit anytime soon, pick one with advanced features. You will pay more for these features but what you get in return is more security and accessibility. So, what are these features that you should look out for?

  • Mobile Website– A self storage unit with a mobile website shows that they are really concerned with the convenience of their clients. In today’s world, everyone is going mobile. The mobile website should provide enough information about the service as well as customer support. This is should be a go-to place for information.
  • Advanced Security System– The security system is very important when picking out a self storage facility particularly if you’re keeping a good number of very valuable possessions in it. You are trusting them with your valuables but in return, they should earn your trust too. The facility should show and explain how comprehensive their security system is to guarantee the safety and protection of your goods.
  • Online Support– Part of good customer service is to offer an online management tool for customers. This means that the facility is providing 24/7 service. Customers who need to check on something or inquire in the dead of the night will still be entertained and customers like this.
  • Mobile Payment– Adding to the importance of mobility, storage facilities should also offer mobile payment to their services as customer prefer to pay this way already. People are so busy that it is much more convenient to make online or mobile payments for their storage rentals.


Technologically savvy storage facilities is not really new. Companies are competing for customers so no one wants to get left behind. So, you do have some work cut out for you when making a decision on which facility to pick. Nevertheless, always consider the features and the costs. Also, pick one that is closer to your place for easy access to your storage unit.

Don’t hesitate to pay more for quality services and high-tech features. If these things will protect your valuable possessions, consider it as a worthwhile investment.



Ives Dairy Self Storage
20340 NE 15th Court, North Miami Beach, FL. 33179
(305)651 5354

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