New and Rebuilt Transmission: Which One Should You Choose?



People always tend to favor new things over rebranded or rebuilt ones. This is also the same when we talk about transmissions. New transmission sounds more appealing. If you have to incur an expense in transmission repairs, why not start with something new so that it will last longer, right? However, you need not dismiss rebuilt transmission haphazardly. There are actually plenty of reasons that rebuilt transmissions are better when it comes to transmission repair.


What is a rebuilt transmission?

A rebuilt transmission is a transmission that underwent replacement of all worn parts. These include all new seals, gaskets, pump seals, new input and output bushings, and all new bands. All the surfaces on drums and steels of a rebuilt transmission have been prepared and redone. The valve body has been completely disassembled. All valves have been hand inspected, rebored, and replaced if worn.


Why do transmissions undergo rebuild?

Transmissions are rebuilt because not any other new transmission can fit well as the original. Imagine this, the transmission of your car was “born” at the factory. It starts out in perfect harmony with its engine. Transmissions are very intricate systems that incorporate multiple gears and rings that must fit together with precision and accuracy while operating at high speeds.  These components are important because they need these every time the vehicle shifts gears, and the transmission gears shift repeatedly on even the shortest journeys. Without transmission rebuild services, it will be hard to find new transmissions every time your transmission encounters a problem.

With a transmission rebuild, the core gears and their alignments will remain the same and will still be ideal for your vehicle even though it involves incorporating many brand new gaskets, seals, and other parts into your vehicle’s old transmission.


The Rebuilt Transmission For You

Transmission rebuild services are cost effective ways to get your car back on the road. A rebuilt transmission promises optimal results and performance. It seems like everything old is new again for you and your vehicle.

If you suspect your vehicle requires a transmission rebuild, visit the nearest transmission repair shop in your area.



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Tampa, FL 33604
(813) 231-2171

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