Must-Have Moving Supplies


We prioritize our stuff whenever we move and relocate. But there are times when some of our things get lost or damaged along the way. Accidents happen and there is no way to prevent those unforeseen incidents. However, we can minimize the probability of encountering such accidents and damages to properties if we use the right moving supplies.

Here is a list of the most important moving supplies that you need when you relocate:


 1. Boxes — lots of them. You need to put your things in a secure place as you move and boxes can help you do just that. It can be quite costly, however, because you need to have lots of boxes. To give you an idea, a five to six bedroom house needs 20 small moving boxes, 11 medium moving boxes, 10 large moving boxes, 4 extra large moving boxes, 5 heavy duty boxes, and 6 wardrobe boxes. To save money on boxes, most homeowners talk to grocery stores to ask for free boxes. Specialty boxes that are needed to be used for moving mirrors and artworks and the likes should be purchased from moving companies as there are no alternatives to these.

 2. Packing Wrap, Cushioning, and Protection. There are different types of protective materials that you need to wrap your things. You may choose from these protective moving supplies depending on your needs:

  • Brown Paper or Newspaper. This is perhaps the cheapest protective materials there is. It is also eco-friendly as you can recycle old papers in your home. You may use brown paper or newspaper to wrap sensitive surfaces like lamp shades.
  • Foam. This material provides the necessary cushioning for materials that may easily break.
  • Bubble Wraps and Stretch Wraps. These also provide additional cushion while at the same time keeping items together (e.g. Ski poles, billiard cues, etc.)
  • Inflatable Bags and Peanuts. These are used to fill empty spaces. Inflatable bags are filled with air, whereas peanuts are foam pieces that are placed in areas in the boxes that need filling.


 3. Labels. These are very important moving supplies. You need to have everything labelled to help you find your things as you arrive to your new home. There are custom-printed, pre-printed, and blank labels that are available for your use.

Other moving supplies that you need are box cutters, mattress covers, and markers. All of these items are available at your local moving retailer so you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Complete the moving supplies on this list before you move. Visit your local moving retailer to know your options.

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