Do You Really Need to Invest in Genie Garage Door?

This is the month that celebrates Independence Day and what better way to celebrate your own independence than by getting yourself a Genie garage door. It is time to free yourself from constantly pushing and lifting the heavy garage door. Now, you can just push a button and it goes up and down with no effort from you at all. Why keep things inconvenient if you can make life easier right?

imageAfter a hard day’s work, you just want to park your car in the garage and then head to the couch to rest. Getting out of the car to lift the garage door and then parking your car and then putting it down is too much of a hassle. Your best solution is to buy and install a Genie garage door. Here are some of its features:

  • Remote Operated– The Genie garage door is remote operated which means that you can just push the button on the remote and it will automatically open and close for you. Just sit inside your car and park it without stepping out of the car. It’s just like switching channels on your TV set.
  • Security– The Genie garage door is not just any garage door you’ll see. It has gone through a stringent amount of tests to check its safety and security measures. It is made of high quality materials that can’t be easily broken. But most importantly, burglars and thieves won’t be able to rip this door open just to go into your house. Further, there is a vacation lock feature for added security.
  • Automatic Reversal System– This vital feature is a huge favorite. What the automatic reversal system does is that it can turn its track if it detects an obstacle in its path. This is controlled automatically and electronically.
  • Biometric Security Feature– Do you want to make sure that your house is burglar proof? Genie garage doors have a biometric security feature that only recognizes the fingerprint of the garage owner. Another security feature to prevent any possible burglary attempts.
  • Smooth Operation– The Genie garage rollers feature different paces when opening and closing. Homeowners prefer to use the moderate speed to prevent rapid wear and tear of the garage motor. But if you are pressed for time, you can switch the speed to its fastest mode.
  • Silent Worker– Genie garage rollers use rubber belts and this is the reason that your garage doors will operate discreetly.

Celebrate your independence away from that everyday hassle and inconvenience of manually opening and closing your garage. Find a Tampa, FL garage door service provider now.



Trinity Garage Door Services, Inc.
2414 W Tampa Bay Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

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