Color Coordination and Redecorating with Living Room Furniture

imagesLiving room furniture is not just a set that gives your family space when watching or bonding, it also talks about style and comfort. More than a thousand families choose to have living room furniture that does not compliment the whole house. Let’s talk about redecorating and setting the right living room furniture.

  • Ratio and proportion: color and texture are the two most important characteristics to consider in getting the right living room furniture. 60 percent should be the dominant color, 30 percent for the neutral color and 10 percent for the accent. Basing on these numbers, you can use your living room furniture as the ten percent of your scheme.
  • Subtle and soothing: Living room furniture can be your enemy in entertainment night and game night. Checking the most comfortable texture and material that fits your needs and comfort is a must. Living room furniture can also contribute in keeping your home bright and joyful or simple and calm as it brings out accents for dull homes and neutralizes extremely colored walls.
  • Mix and match: the old and the new are in for this generation. Never be afraid of playing with old living room furniture in your newly painted or built home. The traditional accent will bring elegance in a unique way as the materials and color will complement modern mixed hues.
  • Theme and color– themed homes are the most challenging tasks. This is because getting everything in one piece without making the outcome exaggerated can be difficult. One solution is to keep the colors neutral and equally distributed.
  • Arrangement and space: Living room furniture that is placed on one side of the room can create and blank or dead space, which can look dull. On the other hand, living room furniture that is scattered or that are improperly directed can look cluttered. But with the right arrangement of your living room furniture, everything will be perfect and spacious enough to add accessories and other knick-knacks without making it look messy.


It is never too difficult to make your home as comfortable as it can be with the right decisions and the right options for living room furniture.



Miracle Furniture
7534 North Armenia Avenue Tampa Florida, 33604-5205

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