The Perfect Wedding Dress by the Best Wedding Dress Shop

When you go to your favorite wedding dress shop, you go nuts about the dream gown you want to wear. All you think about is the way the model wore it and how it would look on you. It is true that your body shape is one of the most important factors to consider. Learn which type of wedding dress to pick from your favorite wedding dress shop.


  • A-line or princess dress– wedding dress shops offer this type of dress for every body shape since it does not mark the waist and has the perfect flow that creates the dramatic princess look. Emphasis on the shoulders may be seen for tube type a-line dresses.
  • Ball gown– this type is a bit more formal, best for those who would want to emphasize the tiny waist and broad shoulders; plus, it hides large hips and thighs. Wedding dress shops offer ball gown type of wedding dresses with puffed sleeves, sleeveless or tube type to make a creative twist on the bulky skirt.
  • Empire– wedding dress shops recommend this type of wedding dress to small breasted women. The raised waist line gives a flattering look on women of any body shape and slightly flares down.
  • Mermaid– the mermaid dress starts the flare on the part of the knee. Wedding dress shops offer this type of dress to those perfectly fit and confident about their body shape to show off their curves.
  • Sheath– this type of dress work well on short brides, wedding dress shops create long lines of the sheath that makes your body look longer and hides most body flaws.

Now that the lower part of your wedding dress is perfect, think about how the neckline would look on you, know which type would work for your upper body shape and look sweet and sexy on you and let your favorite wedding dress shop know about it.



Perfection Prom and Bridal
10312 Bloomingdale Ave, Riverview,FL 33578

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