Facebook #Hashtags: What’s Your Business Takeaway?

ImageBack then, hostages were only used on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. An example of a hashtag is “#Starbucks” and it is used when people want to make the hashtag a clickable link to something. Now, Facebook has integrated the use of hashtags. When someone clicks on the hashtag, the user is directed to a feed of public posts all using the same hashtag.

Facebook Hashtag Business Benefits

Often, Facebook users use hashtags for fun but there’s really more to it, especially for online businesses that want their presence felt in social media. Here are some of the benefits of Facebook hashtags for businesses:

  1. Reaching More People– Businesses need to reach more people for brand awareness. With the use of hashtags, you can expand your audience reach by helping them come together with a topic of interest. Hashtags help people find the conversations they want to be a part of. As a result, more people will know about your business.
  2. Branding- In social media, you will face your competitors and one way to differentiate your business is to come up with something unique. Use hashtags to develop an idea  to promote your products or services, one that is unique to your brand. Hashtags make it easy to share information.
  3. Promotion- Using Facebook hashtags can greatly help with promoting offers, discounts, contests and new products. As mentioned earlier, hashtags make it easy to share information with other people. So, when one person decides to share your hashtag, it will all go uphill from there. Not to mention, hashtags can cut across different social media platforms too.

Proper Usage of Facebook Hashtags

Simply typing hashtags that pops into your head won’t work, particularly if you’re using it at a business standpoint. There are certain considerations that you need to follow, including these:

  • Hashtags don’t have spaces in between words.
  • Hashtags can use big and small letters. It doesn’t really matter because the search results will be the same.
  • Hashtags will depend on you, there’s no need to get it approved. You can practically use any hashtag you want but then again, it has to be in line with your business goals.
  • Hashtags are better off short and easy to understand. People won’t really bother with complex hashtags.
  • Hashtags should be studied before use. The hashtag may be already used by another company for a totally different purpose. How do you research? Simply type the hashtag on Pinterest, Google+, Twitter or Instagram and see what it is used for.
  • Hashtags should be kept short and simple.

To be able to use Facebook hashtags successfully for marketing and promoting your business, heed these tips. In addition, make sure that you don’t stuff your posts with several hashtags. You really don’t want to look like you’re overly promoting your business in social media.


Written by: Azalea Pena

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