The Search for Perfect Pageant Prom Gowns


This year’s prom season may be over, but that is not enough reason to relax. There will be another prom season next year and you might as well plan your look now to recover any prom formal wear mishap that happened to you this year.

Proms are the highlight of high school life. Everyone wants to look at their best. But how can you look stunning of you cram your way to the prom night? If you want to be your school’s prom queen, you have to P-L-A-N. Planning ahead of the prom season gives you an advantage. The probability of finding the perfect formal prom wear is higher rather than settling for a mediocre one just because it is the one readily available.

Here are some tips to help you get started with your search for pageant prom gowns:

  1. Know the shape of your body. Nobody type is inferior over another. The purpose of finding your body type is to highlight your best assets.
  2. If you are curvy, stay away from skin tight pageant prom gowns with satin finish. They will make you look fat.
  3. If you are petite or skinny, choose a formal prom wear with ruffles, pleats, and ruches. These types of pageant prom gowns add curves to your figure.
  4. If you have a pear-shaped body, pageant prom gowns with details around the upper half of the bodice will look great on you. A halter neck style dress will also balance out your figure.
  5. If you fall under the apple-shaped category, choose a formal prom wear with an empire or drop-waisted dress. This will disguise a thicker waistline and flatter your shape.
  6. If you have a small bust, ruffles and lace trim in a dress’ breast area is your best friend. You can also try a halter neck style to accentuate your bosoms.
  7. If you are hourglass-shaped, congratulations! You can pretty much wear any dress that you want. Any type of pageant prom gowns will look good on you. All you have to look for now is the color that matches your natural features.

The most important thing to remember when choosing among various pageant prom gowns is to find the one where you can be COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT. Whatever you choose, have fun and enjoy looking great!



Perfection Prom and Bridal
10312 Bloomingdale Avenue Riverview, FL 33578
(813) 621-1991

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