Tips From A Hair Color Specialist

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No one can deny that a change in hair color can drastically improve one’s look. We all want to change for the better so why not consult a professional hair color specialist before doing anything to your hair?

When it comes to hair color, it is important to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Here are some tricks of the trade when it comes to hair color selection.


Warm Skin Tones go with dark and rich hair colors.

If you do not know whether you have a warm skin tone, check the color of the veins seen in your forearms. Green veins definitely tag you as one with a warm skin tone. Warm Skin Tones go with red, auburn, and golden blonde but they can also explore other colors that tend to contain brown undertones. Warm skin tones go well with dark and rich hair colors with woody hues, such as mahogany, chestnut and cinnamon. Consult with a hair color professional to determine which among this shades best highlights your natural features.


Cool Skin Tones go with lighter colors with red hues.

People with cool skin tone have blue veins in their forearms in contrast to the green ones found in people with warm skin tone. Generally, cool skin tones are found in pale-skinned people (those often referred to as “white”). Any hair color specialist can attest that the hues that work best with this skin type are lighter colors with red hues, such as burgundy, strawberry blonde, honey blonde, blonde, auburn, and sandy red. They can also explore natural shades of bluish-black, brown, and ash blonde with pale skin tones.


Dark Skin Tones go with dark hair colors.

People with dark skin tones look gorgeous with black or brown as well as with darker versions of hair colors found in the cool or warm skin tones category. This is one of the advantages of the people with this type of skin complexion. However, if there is one advice that a hair color specialist can give people with this complexion, it would be to stay away from light shades of hair colors. Lighter hues and highlights tend to over emphasize any flaws in the skin texture.


Yellow skin tones go with almost everything – except yellow, of course.

Asians fall under the yellow skin tone category. It is kind of a mixture of all three categories mentioned earlier. People with this complexion look best if they mix their natural hair colors (usually black, brown, or red) with any color from either the cool or warm skin tone categories. The only thing that people with yellow skin tones must stay away from are yellow mixed hair colors like blonde or auburn. Dark reds, natural black, and medium to dark browns are the tricks of the trade for people with yellow complexion.

Always remember that professional hair color is always the best way option. Do not regret spending the extra money if it means having to look gorgeous and beautiful. Follow your hair color specialist because he or she can tell you the right hair color would look best on you.



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