First Aid Tips for Mac Repair


We are very dependent on our personal computers these days. Be it a laptop or a desktop, our work and personal stuff all rely on efficient operation of these systems.


Unfortunately, no system is perfect. The first signs of trouble involving your Mac PC involve errors when trying to open or save files. You can try to troubleshoot problems by launching Apple’s Disk Utility and Repair Disk from the First Aid tab. But in case this won’t work, here are other Mac repair first aid solutions that you can use.

  1. Engage in Safe Boot


Start your Mac repair by restarting your Mac while holding down the Shift key. This is the same as running First Aid’s Repair Disk. The only disadvantage of this Mac repair method is that you get no feedback as to whether or not the repair succeeded. But if your problems vanish after a Safe Boot, then it is safe to assume that everything is okay.


  1. Start-up in Single User Mode

Another Mac repair troubleshooting method is to start-up in single user mode. Hold down the Command-S upon start-up and you’re in.

  1. Boot From Start-up Drive’s Recovery HD partition


Mac PCs with OS X 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion) typically have a hidden partition designed just for emergencies. This Recovery HD is a 650 MB partition that can be accessed by holding down Command-R at start-up. You may also find it by within the Start-up Manager.

  1. Boot From Emergency Drive

An emergency drive is a hard-drive failure back-up mechanism. The emergency drive can be accessed by holding down the Option key. Select the emergency drive from the window that appears. Things should work nearly identically to starting up from the Recovery HD partition.

  1. Enter The Internet Recovery Mode

This method is often used if booting from the Recovery HD partition did not succeed. This Mac repair method usually takes about 5 to 30 minutes. You also have to download the needed software to make it work. Take note that Internet Recovery Mode does not work with older Mac models. If you are going to do this method for Mac repair, hold down the Command-Option-R keys at start-up. Run the Disk Utility from there.




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