Dealing With a Bad Haircut


Dealing with a bad haircut is perhaps the most dreadful thing for any woman. We go to hair salons to look better afterwards, not to have butchered hair. Otherwise, we could have just gone to a meat shop. Still, a bad haircut is a reality that can happen to you and me. So what do we do about it?

Be Proactive

The saying “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” also applies to hair care. Proactive maintenance, rather than reactive measures is still the best way to have a gorgeous looking mane.  One proactive step that you can do when it comes to hair care and haircut is to find an upscale salon with professional hairstylists and efficient services. Upscale salon is the still the best way to go to get a fabulous haircut.

Talk it out

After looking for an upscale salon, look for a hairstylist that you feel comfortable with. This will make it easier for you to talk about what you want and what you don’t want. Ask for cuts that best suit your facial features as well as the texture of your hair. Wavy hair will never go with sleek straight styles and neither will limp straight ones go with bouffant styles unless other hair care or hair salon treatments are involved.

Read, read, read!

An upscale salon has a wide range of hair magazines. Use them to your advantage! Browse through their hairstyling books, hair magazines, etc. for you to have ideas on which haircut to go for.

When all else fails…

… HAVE ANOTHER HAIRCUT. It might be your fault for not following the suggestions of your hairstylist. Or it might the hairstylist’s fault for not advising you well enough for you to deviate from a haircut that is completely mismatched with your hair type, texture, and other facial features. You might have made a mistake in choosing your hairstylist. At the end of the day, you need to face the problem of dealing with a bad haircut.

Start by going to an upscale salon with hairstylists that can smooth out the rough edges and contour whatever is left of your hair. Pay if you must; invest if you can. You can also ask about additional hair care tips to keep your hair under control while it is still undergoing the “recovery process”.

Final Tip on Dealing with a Bad Haircut

Change your attitude. Instead of sulking, be positive. You might not get accustomed with your new haircut at first, but who knows, you might even grow to like it after quite some time.



David Gavin Salon
1540 South Dale Mabry Highway Apt. 1212 Tampa, FL 33602

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