Hiring a Wedding DJ



Wedding DJs make wedding receptions lively and fun. They make receptions memorable. Hiring a professional wedding DJ assures you that the guests keep grooving on the dance floor because your wedding party is interesting.

Things to Look for in a Wedding DJ

Here are some things you must check before hiring a DJ for your wedding reception.

Extensive Collection of Songs.  The DJ’s playlist should be extensive enough to include most of the songs that you want for your reception. It should accommodate any special playlist that you want to be made for your special day. Likewise, the wedding DJ should stay away from any songs that you dislike as a couple.

Ability to Enhance Mood. Professional weddings DJs should have the ability to select appropriate songs for each part of the wedding reception. Likewise, they should be able to make a smooth transition from one music genre to another. For example, a DJ can follow the couple’s walk-in song with uplifting music to excite the crowd. But once dinner is served, he changes to slower-paced songs. Experienced DJs also know how to read the guests and adjust the tone and tempo of the music according to their preference.

Master of Ceremony. Most DJs also acts as the masters of ceremony. They announce the various events at the reception in between playing music. If your DJ also acts as your emcee, you are assured that reception runs smoothly and according to schedule.

Equipment. Wedding DJs provide their own audio equipment, such as turntables and speakers, and everything else necessary for DJ work like quality wireless microphone for speeches. But in case you would want to add special equipment like fog and ice machines, consult them, too, because some of them have these equipment for rent. Just make sure that the establishment where your wedding reception will be held allow the use of such equipment. There are some establishments that do not allow the use of fog and ice machines in their premises.

If you see all of these in a wedding DJ, do not hesitate to make arrangements and haggle for deals and prices. Once you agree on a final arrangement, sign a contract. Do not pay until you the contract signing is made.

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