Proper Software Installation and Troubleshooting


Software installation was a special skill during the early days. Only a few from common citizens know and appreciate the benefits of software installation. Now, software installation is just like a game or a simple task that even kids and teenagers can do even without formal education. However, there is a high risk of damaging your computer when you are not aware of the rules and proper ways of software installation.

Software installation from a disk is as easy as playing a movie. In some cases, the installer would automatically run, but for some, you may need to click on the icon on your desktop and look for the file that has the software installation instruction in it. For security purposes, make sure to enter an administrator name and password. Software installation and updates from a downloaded file can be riskier than that of the disc since it has been circulated and downloaded by other systems that can be the cause of viruses and other problems. There are two types of installers; one is that with an automatic or updated installer and one with none. Software installation from a downloaded file that doesn’t have an installer will need manual mounting. This can be possible by simply looking for the installer icon on the site and dragging it onto your system to automatically update.

When something goes wrong with the software installation, there are the top troubleshooting tips you can follow. First is to verify that you have an administrative access. Make sure that you are aware of the admin name and the password, in case you have forgotten them, try resetting the software or ask for professional assistance. Another is to make sure that you’ve entered the serial code correctly; it is best to double check the serial code and the one on your screen before entering to avoid interchanging of the letters and numbers. There are also requirements needed for software installation such as a huge disc space for updates, good internet connection for software installation and the proper updated cleaning and anti-virus tools. If there are still some issues you encounter on software installation, try removing application receipts that consist of the old admin name and password; this only works for those who wish to reinstall the software.

Be very careful in software installation since this is a high risk task on your system.



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