Preventive Maintenance for your PC’s Hardware Components


Users think of fast and efficient PC operations upon hearing the term “preventive maintenance.” So when they bring their computer units for preventive maintenance, they usually talk about the software operations of their PC. However, your PC’s hardware is as important as its software. Maintaining it regularly is also necessary to lengthen the lifespan of your PC.

Here are some preventive maintenance tips for your PC’s hardware.

  • Clean the external casing regularly. Wipe dirt off the case and clear any obstruction from its ventilation ports. Make sure that dust particles do not get into the PC or its optical and floppy drives.
  • Keep your mouse clean. If you are one of those who are attached to their mechanical pointers, make sure you regularly clean it. Mouse pointers move erratically when dirty. Laser and optical mouse are much easier to clean. Damp a cloth and wipe it over the surface.
  • Clean your keyboard.  Use compressed air or keyboard brush to swipe dust and particles away from your keyboard. Keys get stuck if dust particles accumulate in between, so make sure you clean your keyboard regularly.
  • Wipe your monitor. Clean your screen with a standard glass cleaner which you can buy from any computer store. Make sure that you wipe your LCD lightly for its underlying glass is very fragile.
  • Check your power protection. Reseat the cables plugged into your surge protector. Surge protectors power your PC even after being compromised by a voltage spike. Check your unit’s warning indicator. If your power protector doesn’t have a warning indicator, replace it with one that has such an indicator because it will be very helpful during power outages.

As a general rule for computer preventive maintenance, keep your computer units away from anything that can raise its temperature such as heating ducts or sunlight coming through your window. Another thing, always turn off and unplug your computer before you start the preventive maintenance of its hardware. Do not make the mistake of applying any liquid directly to a component. Spray or pour the liquid a cloth then wipe it on the PC.



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