5 Important Factors in Used Car Auto Inspection


People who want to save money on cars look for second hand cars instead. They look for advertisements and look at the photos and descriptions. If it looks good in fine print, they are willing to buy the car for its affordable price. However, buying used cars isn’t as simple as this. You need to perform an auto inspection, well not you, the technician, to make sure everything is in order.

Used cars are used, meaning it has been used by a previous owner. The extent of the usage is something you’ll never know for sure. But bringing a technician to do an auto inspection will help get you your answers. Anyhow, if you just want to see the unit first without the inspection, there are five things you must focus on. Checking these five things will give you an idea if the used car is worth the money or not.

  • Serial Number– Look at the serial number stickers that can be found on the doors, trunk, hoods and other parts of the car. Check if the stickers show the same serial number. If it doesn’t, this may mean that the part has been replaced already probably due to a collision or accident. If the seller claims its accident-free, you’ll be able to see his lie immediately.
  • Tires– The tires should come from the same manufacturer, if it doesn’t, ask the seller why. Also ask the seller why the tires are all brand-new. Although a good reason is that the tires got worn out, it is possible that the car was part of an accident which required new tires to hide the problem.
  • Underbody– Looking underneath the car can show you if the car has been in a collision accident or not. If the underbody has been painted, it means that the paint is covering some fixes. If it’s spotless, it is collision-free.
  • Engine Bay– Okay, looking under the hood can be very intimidating especially for a newbie like you but hey, you have to show the seller that you know cars! If the engine and radiator are new, this may mean that the car was part of a front end collision. Is the engine bay repainted? If it is, the seller is covering up something.
  • Electrical System– Take the used car for a test drive as part of the auto inspection. Observe how the radio, speedometer and tachometer works. If they shutter in any way, they may have been tampered with or part of a collision already.

Used cars can be worthwhile investments but you have to make sure about it first. There are always risks involved but if you do the proper auto inspection, this can lessen the risks. Also, take a professional technician from a reputable car repair company with you to make sure the car is properly inspected.



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