Help! I Don’t Know My Garage Door Parts


A part of the house that is used every day is the garage, which means that you are using your garage doors everyday too. We all know that the more we use something, the more wear and tear can happen. And with garage doors, the constant wear and tear can affect its mechanism. Garage doors also need proper maintenance and repairs to ensure long life and good performance.

When garage doors malfunction or breaks down, there may be garage door parts that need replacing. It’s a good time to learn more about the parts of your garage door to know where to find those parts in Tampa.


  • Drums– Drums are moving garage door parts that can suffer constant wear and tear. Drums roll the cables up and down enabling the door to open and close. Drums are sturdy and the least likely part that can break immediately. However, debris like rocks, pieces of metal and pebbles can get stuck inside the drum.
  • Cables– Cables or chains tend to fray due to the force of the work it does. It pulls the door up and down.
  • Pulleys– Pulleys carry a heavy load and it can break down because of the load stress.
  • Springs– The springs are garage door parts that are very important in opening and closing garage doors. There are two types: extension and torsion. These two types of springs are capable of handling different workloads. Depending on the workload, that’s how long and big the spring will be. Springs need regular checkups and maintenance.
  • Hinges– There are some garage doors that do not us hinges but there are those that do. Hinges are also used in the opening and closing of garage doors. Hinges are usually attached to the cemented walls of the house. It is easy to overlook the hinges when doing some garage door maintenance but hinges need lubricating as well as removal of any debris.


Tampa garage door dealers often sell these garage door parts too. If you’re looking for a specific part, go to the dealers first before checking with anyone else. It is also a good idea to call the Tampa garage door installation company that installed your garage door in the first place. They should have the part you are looking for.

Cables, drums and pulleys are the most expensive parts while hinges and springs are quite cheap. However, the proper functioning of all these parts is important. To avoid breakdown and malfunctions, call a Tampa technician who can do regular maintenance on your garage door.



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