To Call or Not to Call A DUI Lawyer


If you’ve been charged with DUI or driving under the influence, you have every right to hire a DUI lawyer. However, the question to ask is, should you hire or not hire one? Hiring a drunk driving case attorney can be a huge expense, which will make you think twice. But more often than not, it is crucial that you hire a lawyer and a right one at that.

Driving under the influence or DUI is considered a serious offense. Not only are you putting yourself in harm’s way, but you have become a risk to others too. And law enforcers wouldn’t want you anywhere I the streets. If you’re slapped with a DUI case, this will affect your current job and maybe, your future employment. Whether it’s your first time to be caught for DUI or not, you need a good DUI lawyer to represent you.

DUI laws have changed significantly. Back then, you can just plead to a lesser charge and pay a fine. But when the 50 states passed the new DUI law, punishing all intoxicated drivers have become mandatory. The DUI law states that if a driver’s blood alcohol content is above .08, the driver is already guilty of DUI. This can be measured through a blood or breath test. This is the single, most effective evidence to prove that a driver is guilty of driving under the influence.

The need for a DUI lawyer doesn’t just arise from the need to claim your innocence (if you really are), you have to be represented in the court of law properly. For one, if you failed the sobriety test, your license will be suspended or confiscated on the spot. Next, you will have to be present in court hearings to discuss if you are indeed guilty or not. Without any knowledge of such offenses, going to a court without a lawyer is like going to war without ammo.

If you are indeed innocent, the more you need to hire a DUI lawyer. He will be the only one to prove that in court. But for the most part, your lawyer will help you through the extensive process like what is expected of you, the requirements needed, getting your license back and perhaps, some professional help on alcoholism too.

In A DUI offense, you’d really want to restore your driving privileges as quickly as possible but you can only do this with a lawyer at your side. To hire or not to hire a lawyer? You definitely should but choose one that is experienced in defending DUI cases.



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