Credit Restoration Services 101

A lot of people have no idea as to what credit restoration services are all about. Little do they know that this can help them get a good home, a good job, and preferred rates and acceptance.


Credit restoration services refer to the strategies designed to repair or restore a person’s damaged credit rating. These include all processes of correcting or updating credit reports, raising a FICO score, and in general restoring good credit. Some individuals restore their credit on their own, while others seek the help of agencies that specialize in credit restoration services.


When to Hire Credit Restoration Services

There are three instances when you can use credit restoration services, all of which, begins with the origin of the credit issue to determine the strategy or group of strategies that will be used to restore one’s credit.

  1. Bad choices. You may have made bad choices in the past that have affected your credit rating. For instance, you didn’t make payments on time or you may have defaulted on loans, mortgage agreements, and other debt obligations. Credit restoration services under this category can take a great deal of time and effort because you must prove once again that you are capable of settling your credit.
  2. Recovery from unforeseen financial circumstances. These include unanticipated job loss, extended illness, divorce, or any financial reversal in general. Credit restoration services may be a bit easier for these circumstances because you are not directly involved in the factors that led to the lower credit rating or you did not willingly choose to default on debts.
  3. Identity theft. Identity theft involves the unauthorized use of an individual’s credit and identity. You know you have been a victim of identity theft when unusual items begin to appear on your credit reports. It may be hard to restore your credit because the burden to prove your innocence solely lies on you.  You may have to seek legal services or some help from agencies offering credit restoration services.

Credit restoration services do not take place overnight. A lot of things need to be done in order to correct, update, or remove negative items on a credit report. If you want to make things easier, seek professional help. There are reputable agencies in Tampa which can help you restore your good credit record.



Bill Lavender Credit Restoration Services.
503 E Jackson St, #251, Tampa
(352) 208-5922

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