Finding the Mattress for You


A good mattress should wake us up feeling refreshed and without any hint of pain or stiffness. Sleeping on a bad mattress will make us feel sluggish or not in the mood all day long.

But how do we find the best mattress for us? Here are some tips from professionals.

  • Consult with your doctor or physical therapist. Certain health conditions require special mattress designs. If you feel like all the mattresses you have tried did not make you feel better, consult with your doctor. Once your doctor recommends something, follow it. Recommendations of professionals should be followed since they are the ones who know about your medical condition.


  • Maximize the space. Bigger has always been better when it comes to beds. Why? Because more space makes you sleep in whatever position you like. Little sleeping space restricts yourself in an unnatural sleeping position. However, do not forget to take measurements so that you know if the bed mattress that you want will fit the stead, much more your room.


  • Test the mattress before you buy it. There are furniture shops that allow their customers to do a “lie-test.” Makes sure that you buy mattresses from such shops. Buying a bed is a major decision and you should be happy once you pay for your purchase. To test a mattress, lay on the mattress for a good ten to fifteen minutes to test how it feels against your back. It is better if you can actually copy your sleeping position so you can simulate real sleeping situations.

  • Do not rush. Never buy a mattress if you are running out of time. Otherwise, you might end up buying whatever there is in front of you even if it is not the best choice.

  • Quality over price — ALWAYS. It is important to stick within your budget whenever shopping for a new bed. However, always go for the best valued bed over the cheapest one. Bed mattresses with superior quality provide top notch comfort and support. They also generally last longer.

Remember to choose a bed mattress that offers firm support in order to give you maximum comfort and a good night’s sleep.



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