Is Your Mechanic This Good?


Newer car models are certainly more complex than their predecessors. This is why we should only bring our cars to professional mechanics. By doing this, we can rest assured that our vehicles are in good hands.

But how do we know that our mechanic is capable? Here is a brief checklist that can serve as our guide.

  • Knowledgeable.

Different auto parts and auto repair services are added to the market daily. A good mechanic is updated with new trends in the automotive industry.  Car owners do not necessarily possess the sufficient knowledge when it comes to such information so we will inevitably depend on the expertise of our mechanic.

  • Experienced.

Simpler model of cars requires simple mechanic services. But with the modern design of cars, with their high-tech and complex make-up, we need someone who has a diverse background in automotive repair services. Different types of vehicles like family sedans, sports and luxury cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks require different types of auto repair services. A good mechanic knows how to avoid mistakes. Mistakes will only make auto repair even costlier.

  • ASE-Certified.

A mechanic with proper certifications is always better than those without. If a mechanic invested so much time and resources to have certifications, we can rest assured that he will do anything to maintain a good reputation so that his investment will not go to waste.

Perhaps the most famous and widely recognized certification in the automotive industry is the ASE certification. Annually, an estimated 100,000 automotive technician takes ASE certification exams each May and November at over 750 locations. With an ASE certification, we know that a mechanic has a good background in automotive repair because ASE certification requires a minimum of two years work experience aside from passing the series of examinations including Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Brakes, Heating and Air Conditioning, Suspension and Steering, Manual Drive Train and Axles, and Automatic Transmissions for auto technicians alone. There are separate tests for those who want to be collision repair technicians, engine machinists, parts specialists, and others. ASE certifications have expiration dates which mean that mechanics are required to take a test every five years. This will pressure them to keep up with technology in order to remain certified.

These are three characteristics of a good mechanic. Make sure that your mechanic is a combination of all three to be sure that your vehicle receives a quality auto repair in your city.



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