Evening Gown According to Your Body Shape


No matter how pretty the evening gown is, when your body shape is not fit for its shape, it will never work! They say that the wearer wears the dress, not the other way around. To give yourself that head turning look, knowing your body type is the first step to go.

Here are a few examples of body type to evening gown style combo:

Apple-shaped body type

  • This body type is described as wide in the upper part of the body. This includes the bust, trunk and hips but with slim arms and legs. Apple-shaped women also have broad shoulders. Evening gowns with puffed shoulders, off-shoulders, and halters emphasize the wide upper part of your body, so this a NO-NO! Soft scoop necklines and sleeveless topped evening gown would work nicely but avoid matching those with heavily embellished evening gowns. Stay away from clingy and stiff materials because it will make you look heavier and more uncomfortable. As for accessorizing, simple thin necklaces are the way to go.

Pear-shaped body type

  • For this type of body, the shape starts from the hips to the thighs. This is more common as they show a slender neck and shoulders while the curves are shown on the bottom. A good way to keep your look balanced and beautiful with your evening gown is to pick one with a slightly flared bottom. Avoid tops with thin straps and boat necklines because it hides your shoulders and emphasize your hips more. Corset evening gowns with a combination of heavily embellished tops will surely add to the volume of your upper part. When it comes to color, keep the brighter hues on top and the darker ones at the bottom, this will take the eye off the bottom part of your evening gown and hide wider hips and thighs.

Rectangular body type

  • This body type is the most complicated type since they considered as the slim or the athletic type of body shape. Evening gowns with beaded necklines and bustier tops will get the attention of everyone. This will make false shapes that will make a sexier you.

Hourglass body type

  • This body shape will have less problem in picking the perfect evening gown. The truth is, this is the body shape that every woman wants. Feel free to wear any cut of evening gown but is it highly recommended that you pick one that emphasizes your waist and bust.

Now that you are aware of what’s best for you, you will never be left out will surely look more than fabulous on your evening gown.

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