How To Use A Roor Water Pipe

Roor water pipes are known for giving users optimum smoking pleasure. Different roor water pipe models cater to different smoker characteristics in the market.

Long term designs and functionality tests affirm the pleasure giving properties of roor water pipe models. However, users must still use these pipes correctly in order to get utmost smoking delight. Otherwise, the perfect design of these pipes will be put into waste.


Here is a quick guide on how to use a roor water pipe correctly:

  • Clean the roor water pipe regularly. Only clean pipes look good, taste good, and feels good to the respiratory organs.
  • Check water content. Water content is important for a smooth inhalation process. Water volume is everything when smoking out of a tube. It is fundamental to learn the proper water level for your roor water pipe.  Too little water leads to poor filtering, whereas water may reach the smoker’s mouth if there is too much water.  Make sure that the volume of the water is just right; it should fit the size of the pipe’s body, the size of the ground-joint, and the user’s inhalation speed or strength.
  • Do not put the smoking mixture directly on the pipe. Disperse it first in a bowl then put it in the roor water pipe starting with a low input.
  • Light the mixture and inhale regularly. Pull the roor water pipe as soon as you can so that you can empty the pipe of smoke in one stroke and even inhale a bit of fresh air afterwards. Be careful when smoking; no smoke must remain in the pipe.  The taste will be affected in case it does.

As always, know your limits before smoking or using a roor water pipe. An inexperienced smoker should not raise the smoke quantity until he or she is aware of his or her individual lung capacity. Always start with a low quantity of material. One third of the pipe’s volume is usually enough. If this seems too little for you, then slowly put additional quantity until you reach the amount sufficient for you.


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