Enhancing Business Trades with SIP VOIP

Besides the option of using e-mails, fax and call waiting features on your office devices, there are a lot of features that can help increase the income of your small business– and one would be switching to SIP VOIP.

SIP VOIP is an integrated communication channel that helps your business achieve the desired number of lines among the employers, employees and clients. The improvement in communication skills is as good start for an accurate monitoring of expenses and other concerns in the company.


See how SIP VOIP can help your small business grow.

  • Door phone integration– this feature is a good way in increasing the security system of your small business. SIP VOIP has the ability to have controls on your doors and other entries.
  • Call rerouting– before everything goes to voicemail, this feature allows selected callers to know where you are located. SIP VOIP is able to transfer calls from your office, to your cell phone and to your home phone before getting into voicemails that most clients wouldn’t want to hear. This will ensure that you get the calls when you are most needed.
  • Auto transcription– SIP VOIP  allows you to enjoy the benefits of transcription by automatically transcribing voicemails and sending them to your emails to reduce your worries on scribbling names, numbers and addresses. Plus, SIP VOIP helps you organize files so you can easily search and delete in the least possible way solely voicemail can.
  • Incoming and outgoing call detail reports– your business relies on every single data in your system. SIP VOIP enables you to track essential data and directs the information to a specific department of your company where it is highly needed. SIP VOIP allows you to view details of the information after a period of time and reports call logs that includes rate centers, duration, originator, destination and cost.
  • Menu– SIP VOIP boast of this feature for it allows callers to interact with a menu that can transfer them to their desired department. This will make your small business seem sophisticated and professionally updated.
  • Conference calls–  SIP VOIP is known for providing clear conference calls.With the use SIP VOIP, you can the advantage of managing invitations, designations and other options that allow you to organize and manage a conference call.


SIP VOIP is more than just calls and mails, the security system of each transaction is tight and respects the confidentiality of files and other data.


Digital South Communications
2030  Weaver Park Drive Clearwater, FL 33765
(813) 877-7733

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