Types of Storage Containers and Their Features

Storage containers have great value compared to warehouse containers in general. It usually costs less than half the cost of a warehouse container. A storage container is easier access for loading and unloading are easy by parking in front of your unit.

You can also enjoy free access to your own unit within the extended opening hours and gain access through arrangements. The security system is comparably more advanced and detailed. Insurances are fully covered by the company and are sure to keep your items safe.


Storage containers come in different types depending on the items you are to keep. Here are a few types of storage containers you may see in storage companies:

  • Dry storage containers– dry storage containers are common for furniture, household tools and other knick-knacks. Dry storage containers come in different sizes and also have extra features such as shelves to keep smaller items and larger room units for fragile furniture. Dry storage containers are safest for home appliances too due to its stable and sturdy racks and shelves.
  • Flat rack storage container– flat rack storage containers are commonly used for vehicles or heavy wide rimmed items. The collapsible sides make more space for a larger variety of goods.
  • Refrigerated ISO storage containers– this storage container is highly recommended for perishable goods. The low controlled temperature inside the storage container help in preserving your goods.
  • Insulated storage containers– this type of storage container is built with materials that control the temperature to a minimum to save your items from extreme temperatures and weather change; with that, your items are kept safe and preserved.
  • Thermo controlled storage container– this storage container is far different from that of the refrigerated ISO storage container as it only keeps the temperature at a minimum and safe level.


Despite the different features, these storage containers are readily available to serve you in different ways. The ability to keep your items in a space with complete safety measures and thermo control is an easy way to keep your home from the annoying clutter and mess.

Always keep in mind to check whether your storage space offer a great deal in providing insurance and return policies.



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