Aromatherapy: The Power of Scents and Oils


It is true that the sense of smell affects a person’s thinking, and relaxes the soul. More than a thousand massage centers promote the use of oils and scents to improve and enhance relaxation for their clients. Scents and oils are burned or heated to create a mild relaxing sensation while enjoying the benefits of massage therapy.

Massage alone has its benefits. Let’s start with the improvement in circulation and the stimulation of the muscles. The flexibility of the muscles is enhanced as they are relaxed and stretch as the same time through simple techniques in massage therapy.

Next is the release of tension. Touch is a good way of showing your client support and comfort. This is a great way to keep your client away from the stresses of the environment. Another is the benefit of easing the pain by gently applying pressure on the origin of pain– this will strengthen the muscle and stimulate the limbic system to release the toxins of the body.


Massage is as simple as that– but with aromatherapy, massage therapy becomes a level higher with the help of scents and oils. Scents and oils (specifically essential oils) are mildly sedating and relaxing. It has an anti-inflammatory effect that keeps the body in tune with the movements of massage therapy. Some sets of oils set up the mood for more intimate massage sessions. Another benefit of using scents and oils in massage therapy is due to its natural lubricating and moisturizing effect. The natural anti-oxidants penetrate deep into the skin with the help of friction and deep pressure.

Despite the good effects of scents and oils in massage therapy, there are several things to be aware of before choosing the kind of scents and oils to be used in the massage session. One is that essential oils have a non-oily feeling compared to the carrier oils. Essential oils are more common for relaxation purposes, but carrier oils are more common for rehabilitative therapies. When selecting scents and oils, make sure to pick one that is natural to avoid those that can irritate the nasal cavities and the skin due to its non- breathable element.

Massage therapy is more than just manipulating the muscles, it is more on keeping clients relaxed and away from harmful elements.

Time to relax.



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