Quick But Safe Hair Removal Tips


Hairless beauty come with great responsibility. The sacrifices you make just to look flawless should be at the same level of the results you get. Waxing as a hair removal remedy has been on for years and has provided outstanding results; however, there are some who do not know how dangerous hair removal is without proper assessment and preparation. Always be aware of the things you can do before and after waxing to avoid skin damage and irritation.

When to be Cautious in Hair Removal:

  • Medications and medical conditions– hair removal for people with certain illnesses should be assessed by their physicians before getting into the process. Clients who are taking blood thinners, diabetic, with post-cancer hair growth are just a few of the conditions to be aware of. Hair removal for these conditions can affect the circulation or may worsen the condition of the client.
  • Smokers– smokers have damaged blood vessels due to the loss of oxygen and toxins that enter the body. When the capillaries appear very red, stay away from waxing as a hair removal remedy.
  • Pregnancy, hormone related medications and antibiotics– hair removal for these conditions should be light; waxing is the wrong choice since the skin becomes more sensitive during those stages. It is best for you to try the patch test; this test is by taking a small area of your arm and testing the hair removal agent before getting your whole eyebrow or leg done.
  • Exfoliator– exfoliators are made with acids that mostly thins out the skin. Waxing as hair removal plus exfoliators is a bad combination. This may result to scabbing or bleeding at the worst. You can avoid such problems by stopping the use of such products at least three days before and four days after hair removal.
  • Caffeine and alcohol intake– caffeine and alcohol lessen the pain threshold plus, the vessels become more sensitive, which could make your skin more red and inflamed.


When To Avoid Hair removal:

  • When you are on acne medications.
  • When you have lupus or other skin related diseases.
  • When on cancer therapy.
  • When you are exposed to direct sunlight.

Hair removal is an intensive procedure; it is best to be cautious and avoid such remedy when needed.



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