Formal Dress Codes for Men and Women


Social events such as wedding, formal dinners and parties require a formal dress. There are many styles of formal evening dresses, but perhaps the most popular ones are characterized by black and white garments.

There are certain rules that apply to formal dresses. Dubbed as formal dress codes, these rules are not really strictly implemented. Adherence to these formal dress codes, however, is extremely helpful in terms of not overdressing or underdressing when attending different occasions.



Some women make the mistake of wearing cocktail dresses or little black dresses to formal parties. What they do not realize is that these are semi-formal and not formal ones.

When it comes to formal wear, there is only one truly acceptable type of clothing considered formal for women. It is a long, elegant gown. A long formal dress or gown should be at least at ankle’s length. Fabrics normally used for formal dresses are elegant ones such as chiffon, taffeta, silk, and velvet. Some even have exquisite embroidery and beads and pearls.

Formal dresses for women may come in long or short sleeves, sleeveless, spaghetti straps, or off-shoulder cuts. Some have billowing skirts and some have pencil-cut or A-line skirts.

Some women wear simple gowns while others opt for ornate designs and long trains. The final decision is up to the wearer, of course. It is advised that a woman wear a formal dress with a cut that flatters her figure. Ornate designs and long trains are nothing if the formal dress cannot accentuate the wearer’s assets.



Formal attire for men is simpler than women. The collection mainly includes tuxedos or black or dark suits with a tie.

What men should wear depends on what is required. For instance, black-tie parties require dark suits or tuxedos with black ties. The black ties can either be butterflies or long neckties.

In general, dark colors acceptable for most formal parties are black or very dark blue and very dark gray that are almost black. For tuxedos, white and black are acceptable colors. Social conventions see white tuxedo top and black pants as more appropriate together than all-white attire. Moreover, tuxedo and the suits should be made from silk or expensive polyesters and gabardines. Denim-like materials and corduroys are not appropriate choices for a formal occasion.



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