Jaguar Suspension: What’s with the New F-Type?


Jaguar introduces what car specialists dub as its “first true sports car” this year. Called the Jaguar F-Type, this model looks intimidating and complex at first glance, but the best thing about it according to those who already did a test-drive is how seamless and quick its Quickshift transmission system is while driving. Improvements were also made from the previous Jaguar suspension models so drivers are really in for some big surprises.

Jaguar Suspension Unveiled

The Jaguar F-Type’s suspension labels itself as a system with “Adaptive Dynamics.” It modifies a number of handling characteristics on the fly make the car adapt to current driving conditions. Like the QuickShift transmission system, Jaguar’s “Adaptive Dynamics” accomplishes its task by continuously monitoring vehicle metrics like speed, steering, and body movements through the vehicle’s onboard computer. This onboard computer calculates appropriate Jaguar suspension response up to 500 times per second. It then tweaks the Jaguar suspension response to match driving conditions based on its analysis of the vehicle metrics stated above.

Jaguar Suspension Advantages

The Adaptive Dynamics of this new Jaguar suspension makes the usual stop-and-go city driving more comfortable as the suspension stiffens up on twisting back roads and hard cornering.  It results in some additional cushion for bumps.

For those who are wondering how it is done, these are accomplished via electronically controlled flow valves in the car’s dampers which gets information from a control module that analyzes steering rate and direction, speed, brake pressure, and accelerator input to either restrict or increases the rate of fluid flowing in the valves. This is why this system is very quick to react. Imagine this: if you feel like pounding on the throttle to beat that red light, the valves in the rear dampers constrict and the rear shocks stiffen to help keep the vehicle tight and composed all the way through heavy acceleration. Or if you are about to do some heavy braking on a steep downhill, the F-Type’s front dampers likewise stiffen up to ensure that the Jaguar suspension does not compress too much.

The  F-Type Jaguar suspension system as well as its transmission work together in unison to ensure that gear changes are held and maximum vehicle stability is provided while outboard dampers tighten up to reduce body roll. This provides the drivers and passengers of this car a nice riding experience.

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