Choosing A Public Self Storage Facility

Storage services are increasingly becoming popular these days. In fact, at least one out of ten families in the country is known to lease a public self storage unit.


There are three types of public self storage facilities that are available in the market: indoor, outdoor, and vehicle storage facility. An indoor storage space is great for storing materials that are vulnerable to humidity and other weather conditions. Most indoor storage services are climate-controlled compared to outdoor ones so they are perfect for storing important documents and art pieces. Vehicle storage facilities, on the other hand, can be indoor or outdoor. You can choose either of the two depending on your preference.

There are four main factors that you should take into consideration before choosing a public self storage facility.


 1.       Location

Location should be your first factor when choosing a public self storage facility. You certainly want your belongings to be as close to you as possible so that you can check on them anytime you want to.

 2.       Size

While it is practical to choose a storage space near you, you also need to think of its size and whether it is enough for all the things you want to store. Choosing one relatively high but larger public self storage space over two or three cheaper but units may prove to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

 3.       Security Features

Most storage services offer strict security rules and regulations in their facilities. These storage facilities do not even let their employees go inside storage units unless the tenants are evicted due to non-payment of rent. Still, you may want to go over the security features of the facility you are eyeing for more “security”.

 4.       Insurance and Guarantees

It is wise for you to insure everything that you put in a storage facility. Storage facilities in Florida do not offer insurances BUT most public self storage facilities have contacts in the insurance industry. You may want to discuss this with your storage space broker. You may also opt to find an insurance agency on your own.

Always think about these four factors when looking for a public self storage for rent. Doing so will help you find the best unit that will suit your needs.



North Loop Self Storage
1440 N. Loop Fwy Houston, TX 77009

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