All You Need To Know About Garage Door Openers


A huge chunk of the responsibility of lifting and lowering a garage door lies on the garage door opener. If your garage door opener breaks down, expect that your whole garage door will be stuck and unable to move.

Such is the importance of garage door openers. Taking them for granted is never an option. To begin the routine care and maintenance of your garage door openers, take time to read these facts about them:

1. Types. There are three different types of garage door openers: chain, belt, and screw. Chain drive openers are the oldest style in the market. They can be really noisy and is not advisable if the garage is just beneath your bedroom. Belt drive openers operate with a rubber belt making it the most quiet among the three garage door openers. However, it costs higher than its counterparts. Screw driver openers, on the other hand, are midway in cost and noisiness. They have very few moving parts, thus requiring little maintenance.

2. Size of the garage door. The standard size of doors is about 7 ft in height. Doors that are taller than that require a garage door opener extension kit.

3. Power. A garage door opener with 0.5 hp is usually enough for a standard two-car garage door. For heavier doors, however, garage door openers with 0.75 hp are recommended.

4. Remote Control. This is a standard for the newer models of garage door openers. Remote controls or RC’s for garage doors usually have only one button and do nothing else but to open the garage door. There are some units, however, that have multiple buttons and can operate more than one garage door.

5. Battery back-up. This is not a standard feature but you can have this installed. Battery back ups are especially helpful during power outages. Without this feature, you will have to wait for the electricity distribution to resume in order to operate the garage door opener.

6. Safety. All garage door openers have a safety mechanism that makes them reverse closing action whenever an object is sensed underneath it. This mechanism should be maintained and tested regularly in order to save cars, people, and pets.

7. Security. A rolling code feature is present on newer models of garage door openers. This feature makes it harder for thieves and burglars to open the door because of difficulty in accessing the codes.

Deal with garage door problems as soon as you notice them. A lot of things may be placed at risk if its garage door opener malfunctions. Choose the best garage door repair company in Lutz to make sure that any problem is well taken-care of.



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