Is Your Hair Screaming for Some Moisturizer?

imagesWhen you see celebrities on TV or in magazines, do you notice how beautiful their hair is? Shiny and healthy hair make women more appealing and attractive. It’s a sign that the woman takes care of her hair religiously. But having dry and frizzy hair doesn’t mean you are a clumsy and unhealthy person. Unfortunately, some women are born with unruly hair while some due to chemical hair treatments.

Whatever the reason behind your unmanageable hair, there’s only one secret you should know and that’s moisturizing. You’ve probably heard about how important moisturizing the skin is to prevent signs of aging. In hair, moisturizing is important in keeping its luster and sheen. Keeping the hair moisturized seals in the moisture, keeping the hair hydrated and healthy.

You can make your own hair moisturizer at home with homemade recipes. But if you want a personal touch, you can always go to a professional salon in Port Richey, FL to get your hair treated.

So, is your hair screaming for some hair moisturizer already? You might have been ignoring it for a while now. Take a look at these signs and see if you need TLC for your hair:

  • Check Hair Texture

Healthy  hair texture is easy to tell. If the hair is soft, silky and smooth, your hair is moisturized. If it feels dry and rough to the touch, your hair needs a moisturizer right away. With dry hair, the texture is more apparent compared to moisturized hair.

  • Wet and Dry Hair

Moisturized hair won’t feel wet at all. The hair strands easily absorb and locks in the moisture. On the other hand, dry hair feels a lot different. You can feel the moisture on top of the hair strand because dry hair doesn’t absorb it.

  • Scratchy Sound

Okay, this might be a weird sign to look out for but it is promising. Moisturized hair does not make a sound when you glide your hand or comb on the hair strands. With dry hair, you will notice a scratchy sound due to the rough texture of the hair. If you hear this sound, you need to use hair moisturizer.

It’s quite easy to tell if your hair is moisturized or dry but what’s more concerning is what you plan to do about it? Getting professional help from a salon will benefit your hair immensely. They have high quality hair moisturizers that are specially formulated for different kinds of hair and they’ll find the most suitable product for you.



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