U-haul Truck Rentals: Should You Rent One?


Are you moving to Jacksonville, FL in the coming weeks? If you are, renting a U-haul truck may be a good idea if you are on a budget. When it comes to U-haul truck rentals, you take care of the labor, the driving, the packing and the loading and unloading. Basically, you’re just renting the truck itself, which is why it should save you a good deal of cash. However, you must be cautious too as a U-haul truck dealer may charge you with some hidden costs.

What factors go into the cost of renting U-haul trucks? Will renting one be more helpful to you than calling a moving company?

  • Price

The cost of renting a U-haul truck will vary from one U-haul truck dealer to another. But for the sake of information, the U-haul truck rentals price range from $19.95 to $39.95. The cost varies due to the size of the truck, the region, the mileage and so on. You may also have to worry about the fuel costs and insurance costs that will vary depending on the region.

  • Sizes

What size of truck do you need? U-haul trucks come in different sizes, with the 26-foot truck as the largest. This truck is suggested for moving a 4-bedroom house. The 24-foot truck can take on 3-4 bedroom houses, while the 17-foot track can take on 2-3 bedroom houses. U-haul truck rentalsalso have small truck sizes for moving 1-2 bedroom houses and an apartment. Ask the U-haultruck dealer about the range of trucks they have so you can choose the right size for your move.

  • Moving Supplies

While U-haul truck rentals doesn’t offer labor services, they are happy to offer you moving supplies to help with your move like packing tapes, Styrofoam, boxes and bubble wraps. If you need dollies and forklifts, you can ask the U-haul truck dealer if you can rent one too.

Some Considerations

With renting U-haul trucks, you will be responsible for the truck. Thus, you are responsible for your own safety in driving that truck or hiring a driver to drive it. Also, if you return the truck earlier than what is stipulated in the agreement, you still pay for the full price.

Again, be aware of the possible hidden charges that the dealer will charge you. Before agreeing in renting a truck, clear the terms and conditions with the dealer first. The goal is to save money, not to end up spending more.

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