Motorcycle Storage Tips


The weather in Miami, FL can sometimes be unfriendly to motorcycles.  One moment it’s hot, the next it’s raining; if not freezing. Motorcycle storage in this context should be taken seriously. Otherwise, your bike may not be as functional as when you first rode it.

There are different motorcycle storage units that match the needs of your bike. These storage entities are made up of powder coated galvanized steel, polyethylene covers that are resistant to UV rays and fire, and wind brace supports so that your motorcycles are protected against rust and other corrosive elements brought by Mother Nature.

One of the most popular ways of storing motorcycles in Miami, FL, however, is by renting a climate-controlled unit in a motorcycle storage facility. These units are professionally maintained and provide good shield and protection against vacillating weather conditions. However, they do not provide the following services so it is best to have this done before storing your bike.

  1. Before you place your bike away in its hibernating sleep, give it a good bath. Remove your seat first, especially if it is made from leather. Wash all of the dirt and grime that has built up over with a ‘cage’ wash soap. Use warm water in a bucket or a spray hose. Avoid directly spraying any electronic parts when using a hose.
  2. Change oil. Ordinary motor oil freezes during the winter. Cold winter grade oil helps motorcycle engines to easily start despite the very cold weather.
  3. Add drain carbs and fuel stabilizers. Refill your tank before storing your motorcycle. Be careful of overfilling, though, as fuel expands with changes in temperature.
  4. Lubricate motorcycle cylinders. Applying lube is very important especially when storing motorcycles for long periods of time. It helps prevents rusting in the motorcycle parts.
  5. Thoroughly clean and lube your chain. If your bike does not use a chain and instead uses a driving belt – check your belt’s condition.
  6. Remove the battery. A small current drain still runs in the engine even if they are just stored. So to prevent your battery from discharging, remove it. Most storage facility in Miami, FL reminds their customers to do this.
  7. Take care of the exhaust and mufflers. Exhausts and mufflers rust quickly when they are not in use. Protect these parts by using appropriate cleaning materials.
  8. Lastly, place your bike on its center stand. Slide a piece of foam or an old pillow underneath the front tire. This helps protect your bike’s tires from deflation or warping.

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