Things to Remember If You Get Storage Rental


Hurray! You are getting extra space around the house by getting rid of the clutter and possessions that you barely use. The house is more spacious and you can use the garage again to park the car instead of keeping old things there. But there is a price to pay to get this extra space and that is paying for storage rental.

Renting a self-storage is indeed convenient. But, to make the most out of your storage rental, you have to know how to pack your things properly and protect your valuables inside it. Storing your goods inside the self-storage unit won’t cut it. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that your goods remain safe and secure:

  • Insure Your Things- Even if the storage rental facility is well-monitored and secure, the self-storage unit is not immune to natural disasters. If something happens and your goods are insured, you can replace anything that was damaged.
  • Keep Valuables- Storage rental security comes with the services you pay for but bear in mind that this is not the high quality security service you need. The self-storage units can still be broken into and what these thieves are after are expensive items. If you’re keeping valuable inside the unit, place them in the back and put heavy items like furniture in front of the unit. No thief would want to go through the hard work and take time to steal your goods.
  • Use Pallets- Your things inside the self-storage unit might get damaged if the facility is flooded. So, it is best that you use wooden pallets to keep your goods off the floor and prevent water damage.
  • Pack Properly- The best way to prevent breakage is to pack your goods properly. Pack them in boxes, use styroballs and bubble wraps to secure fragile items and then seal the boxes tightly with packing tape. Don’t forget to label these boxes so you don’t mistake putting the fragile boxes on top of the other.
  • Pack As Much As You Can- Self-storage unit rentals get pricier with more space. Pack wisely and make use of all the spaces. However, if your goods won’t really fit, don’t force it.
  • Climate Control- If you’re storing art items, musical instruments or antique furniture, ask the facility for units with climate control. Without this feature, your items may break.

These are the important tips that you must not forget to follow when renting a self-storage unit. Enjoy your home’s extra space while you have it, but don’t neglect the safety and security of your valuable items in the process.


North Loop Self Storage
1440 N. Loop Fwy Houston, TX 77009

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