Are You Ready to Shop for T1 in Tampa?


In Tampa, FL, businesses are looking for a quality T1 service provider. It can be difficult because this is a special type of phone line and not all telecommunication companies provide such service. But before you shop for T1, you must first know what it is exactly, what you are looking for and how to shop for phone lines service provider.

What is T1?

T1 uses fiber optic cable but sometimes, it uses copper cables too. Businesses like T1 because it can be used as a phone line that carries 24 voice channels and it can carry up to 192,000 bytes per second data. T1 is so fast that it is 60 times faster than what a standard internet modem can offer you. Why do businesses like it? Simply because everyone in the office can use the connection smoothly and comfortably without any lag or delay.

Choosing Your T1 Line

When you shop for T1 or shop for phone lines, you’ll notice that different service providers offer different kinds of T1 lines. Some are cheaper, some are pricier but you shouldn’t just look at the price. What’s more important is that you look at the features offered. What are the different T1 lines?

  • Integrated T1 Line- Sends data and voice in one line
  • Fractional T1 Line- Shared channels in one line (shared businesses); best option for small companies
  • Private T1 Line- Private VPN network to communicate with offices in different locations
  • Voice T1 Line- Used in call centers
  • Dynamic T1 Line- Similar to integrated line but the channels for voice and data are allocated one at a time

Choosing Your Service Provider

Businesses shop for T1 or shop for phone lines to get the best line of communication there is. They are willing to spend money to make sure they can communicate smoothly with customers, clients and their own staff members. Needless to say, to get the best T1 phone line, you have to get the best service provider out there as well.

The location of he service provider is an important factor. Most of them are regionally-based and can offer cheaper rates. However, there are some nationwide providers that offer affordable rates too. In addition, if you need T1 phone lines for different offices, it may be best to get region-based service providers instead.

In any case, doing your homework always pays off when choosing a T1 service provider. Talk to other businesses, research online, read testimonials and feedback and learn more about the company itself. Put extra effort to shop for T1 or shop for phone lines provider because you will always get what you pay for.

Tribute Telecom, LLC
701 S Howard Ave Suite 106-351 , Tampa, FL 33606

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