Saving Swimming Pool Expenses with Swimming Pool Enclosures


Swimming pool maintenance seems difficult for some. But with the right tools and agents, it is as easy as having a fish tank in your home! If you want to have a saltwater (below ground) or an above ground swimming pool, you should take note on some stuff. Here are some of the things you should know.

  • Water level– make sure to keep in mind how much water your swimming pool needs and can hold. For salt water pools, you can easily put the exact ratio of water and salt concentration to reduce the occurrence of burning eyes and itchiness. For both types of pools, it is best to ensure that there is an adequate space between the swimming pool enclosure and the water for safety during weather changes.
  • Cleaning– cleaning is pretty much the same when it comes to both types of pools. Keeping the leaves off the surface and the clearing out the filters. For filters, it is best to keep the water pumps on for at least 8-10 hours a day; but for those with no swimming pool covers, water circulation should be more often to reduce bacterial growth.
  • Pool chemicals– Pool chemicals also are of great help in keeping the bacteria out; there is a procedure called “pool shock,” and this is used to free the chlorine in the swimming pool. This pool shock kills algae and other contaminants. The downside of this is that you tend to spend more, this is when swimming pool covers help in saving you from the heartbreaking expenses. The pH level should be checked every week to maintain a level of 7.2-7.6. When the level is nowhere near the range, don’t over rationalize; it is not effective anymore. When the pool is exposed to sunlight more often, the chemicals deteriorate faster and thus the need for swimming pool covers arise. In scrubbing the pool, never drain your pool dry for a long period for it will surely damage the pool linings.
  • Accessories– swimming pool covers or swimming pool enclosures are of great help in all the tasks above, it reduces the need for you to spend on unnecessary maintenance done by other professionals. Plus, swimming pool enclosures ensure an accident free pool side.


It is never harmful to spend for useful accessories like swimming pool covers than spending your hard-earned money on unnecessary repairs.


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