Why Bridal Alterations Exist


Every bridal shop in Tampa, FL and in the country know how important it is for brides to achieve the perfect look on their wedding day. The only way to achieve this is to find the “perfect fit” — with regards to their wedding gowns. However, this ideal fit will never be achieved without bridal alterations. Each wedding dress has its own distinct shape, and so is every woman’s body, too. The purpose of alterations is to make the gown fit the bride’s unique figure. When bridal alterations are done well, the gown will move with the bride’s body.

Here are some instances when bridal alterations are a must:

  1. The gown is not true to your size. Some brides order dresses that are two sizes too small to be motivated to lose weight. However, that extra 2 inches you’ll have to adjust requires working with a lot of fabric.
  2. The gown is longer than your height. To repair this, a bridal shop may raise hemlines during bridal alterations but it will still depend on the design of the gown. If the beadwork is too intricate, it may get affected by alterations.
  3. The gown needs a bustle. If the gown is a perfect fit for the bride, adding a bustle is next in line. A bustle is simply a way to gather up the train of your dress. This makes it convenient for the bride to dance and mingle during the reception. The most basic bustles are French (with the train tucked under the dress), traditional (over the dress), hem bustle (the train is held up so the gown falls floor-length), and side bustle (used only if the train is cut to flair out to the side). A bridal shop normally holds bustles up with ribbons or snaps depending on the fabric of the gown.

Bridal alterations are as important as the ones doing it. Make sure you find the best bridal shop in your area that can handle such delicate tailor work. Some brides have trusted seamstresses, while others go to trusted and well-known designers and bridal shops for the job. Whichever one you choose, just make sure that they can do the job properly.


Perfection Prom and Bridal
10312 Bloomingdale Ave., Riverview, FL 33578

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