Do You Know What Tires You Need to Get?


For non-car enthusiasts, they can care less about the parts of the vehicle they are riding. As long as the vehicle is working fine, then there’s nothing else to think about. However, for car owners and drivers, getting the right tires for their vehicles is such an important thing.

There is an important relation between the wheel and the vehicle’s tires. And if you really want to have a smooth drive on a variety of surfaces, getting the right tires is very important. Each type of tire serves a different purpose. Some are best used for outdoor, while some are suited for daily driving. These things are also made of different materials.

Given that different vehicles have varying requirements for the right tire, you must first know what tire you need and for what purpose. This should help improve the overall performance of your vehicle. To help you out, here are the different types you can choose from:

  • Summer and Winter (All season)

This type of tire can be used in the summer and winter seasons and is best used in countries where these two seasons occur. It makes it easier for car owners to use this tire to avoid constantly changing them due to the changing seasons. However, one cannot expect the tire to perform equally on both seasons though.

  • Snow Only

The snow tire is designed for slippery roads as it is manufactured with extra tractions and extra grooves on its tread pattern. The extra grooves help in having a stronger grip on the slippery surface. Hence, such a tire is safer to use when it is snowing. The snow tire is made of metal studs for increased traction.

  • Mud Only

Similar to the snow tire, the mud tire is built to handle slippery surfaces too. The mud tire is designed with extra grooves on the tread pattern. This design makes it effective for the tire to clear the road and trap the mud in its grooves. The mud tire and snow tire are both wider than the normal tire.

  • For Racing (High performance)

For racing enthusiasts, the high performance tire is the best. The tire is made of softer rubber that allows for more traction control. Thus, ensuring a more efficient and better performance in the race track. The tire is also designed with thin treads for better contact with the surface.

Now, do you know what type of tires do you need for your vehicle? If you do, the next thing is to go to a Brandon, FL tire dealer and see what they can offer you. Look at the tire personally and earn more about the differences, materials and purposes.

Clarke Automotive Systems – Brandon
131 Central Drive, Brandon, FL 33510

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