Hair and Make Up Wedding Package in Spring Hill, FL

Every bride wants a flawless wedding day — from the ceremony to the reception; from the look of the bride to the look of her entourage.


Beauty is in the details, so they say. The bridal hairstyle and make up may seem like a small component of wedding preparations but they actually play a great role in it. Imagine a bride wearing the prettiest wedding gown with her hair and makeup poorly done.  It will look bad not only during that day, but also for the years to come as everything is documented through photos and videos.

So to achieve a flawless and perfect look on your wedding day, make sure you choose a hair and makeup wedding package for you and your entourage. Bridal hair and make up wedding package, similarly known as HMU wedding package, will define how you look from your prenuptial preparations to the wedding reception.

Here are some HMU styles that can give you ideas as to how you and your entourage may look on the big day:

  • Undone Bun with  Glam Eyes

Work texture into your hair twisting it around a curling iron and then pulling it back into a tousled, wispy bun. Pair it with smoky eyes done in copper shadows and a peach lip for a look that works at an afternoon or evening ceremony.

  • Center Parted Sweep matched with Rosy Lips

Strike the right balance by slicking your hair half-back and swiping on a petal pink lipstick. Make sure you choose a shade that is just bright enough to draw attention without being too flashy.

  • Sleek Top Knot plus Big Lashes

Gather hair into a high ponytail and wrap the length around the base. Minimize frizz with a shot of hairspray. As for your lashes, apply lash primer to build volume before coating on super dark mascara to achieve those fluttery lashes that last all night.

  • Cascading Waves and Silvery Eyes

A soft and feminine look requires misting on shine spray before blowing hair out with a large round brush. Then, twist back a section of hair above your ear and pin it in place at the nape. To catch the light and achieve those mesmerizing eyes, choose a mercury eye shadow with a hint of sparkle.

  • Breezy Chignon with Bolder Eyebrows

Want to have that wind-swept look? Spray dry shampoo through strands and lightly back-comb pieces around the crown. Support the glamour moment with dark, well-groomed brows.

In choosing your bridal hair and make up wedding package, a lot of things should be considered: experience, skill, and versatility of the artist — and of course affordable rates. Never ever leave everything to chance as it may ruin your look on your wedding day.


Red Room Salon
13019 Spring Hill Drive Spring Hill, Florida 34609

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