Is It Time for AC Repair for Your Car?


Is your car’s AC not cool enough? Does it produce bad odor when you turn it on? Is there an awkward noise when the car’s AC is turned on? These are just some of the signs that you need car AC repair already. It’s a good thing that you won’t have a hard time finding professional technicians in Tampa, FL to do the job.

When it comes to modern car AC systems, it is best to let the professional technicians take a look at it and diagnose the problem. Please hold yourself back from tinkering with your car’s AC, unless you want to take the risk of damaging it further. Nonetheless, once the problem is diagnosed and the problem will recur in the future, that is when you’ll know how to fix the problem right away. But still, most often that not, you will still need the help of the pro AC repair guys.

So, what are the common car AC problems that you might face? And what are the causes behind this problem?

1.       It isn’t cool enough.

The most common cause of a car AC system not cooling enough is the lack of refrigerant. If you’ve run out of refrigerant, you just need to get it replaced. However, if you find that your refrigerant runs out quicker than it normally should, ask the technician to check for leaks.

Leaking refrigerants are common problems in AC repair as well. The technician should check the hose connections and seals to find the leak. Newer AC systems experience less leaking compared to older cars.

2.       It gives off sporadic temperature.

When you observe that your AC is giving off warm and cool temperatures, your AC has an intermittent cooling problem. Usually, the cause of this is moisture and air in your AC system. The AC repair technician will fix this problem by removing the air and moisture with the use of a vacuum pump. Other possible causes of intermittent cooling includes defective temperature sensor, compressor clutch and switch defects.

3.       It is noisy.

Car AC system work quietly, so if you hear any sound, there is indeed something wrong. When the AC makes noise, this can be caused by using the wrong lubricant, the refrigerant is cross-contaminated, problem with the compressor or the hoses being rattled.

4.       It smells bad.

When your car’s AC system blows foul-smelling air, this is a problem in the evaporator. There’s probably bacteria accumulating in the evaporator, which needs disinfecting right away as this can cause health problems. The technician can simply spray the disinfectant to the blower ducts and evaporator.

These are just some of the possible problems that your AC system is going through. But to make sure, there’s nothing better than talking to an automotive repair professional about the problem and repairs needed.


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