Limitations in Massage Therapy


More and more people have discovered the miracles of massage therapy and have abused its benefits. Massage centers are all around the area but few follow the proper client assessment and other precautions before getting into the session.

  • Skin diseases– hygiene is one of the most important things to think about when it comes massage therapy. There are some skin diseases caused by massage centers because of lack of sterilizing equipment and disinfectants.
  • Post-operative precautions– massage therapy is an intense procedure especially for post-operative clients. It is prohibited for clients to undergo massage therapy one to two months post-operation because this will loosen the stitches or worsen any cuts or openings.
  • Chemotherapy– there are certain techniques in massage therapy for chemo patients; but it is best to give time for rest and consult the attending physician before the procedure.
  • Clients prone to clots– thrombus and embolus are some of the reasons why people are scared to go for massage therapy. Clients prone to clots and those with problems like aneurysm are prohibited to undergo massage therapy as it can result to stroke and other complications.
  • Pregnancy– pregnancy is not an actual hindrance in massage therapy but the complications in pregnancy and the complications done by massage therapy can worsen the condition. Masseuse with special skills in pregnancy massage are highly recommended in this condition.
  • Meals- eating a heavy meal before massage therapy is prohibited. The reason for this is that clients tend to experience discomfort especially when the abdominal area is involved during massage therapy; plus, the normal digestion process can be altered.
  • Fractures and bruises– clients with unhealed wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia and recent fractures should not undergo massage therapy as it worsens the condition. Manipulation of the muscles can add to the intensity of the pain and move certain parts that are very delicate. During the early days, there was a misconception that fractures can be healed through the help of massage therapy, but little do they know that bone fragments can travel through the damaged body part because of massage therapy and can cause more pain and discomfort, making it a lot difficult for orthopedic surgeons to fix the problem.


In conclusion, massage therapy is not merely the manipulation of the muscles, so it is best to keep and relay your complete health history before going through the program.


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