Setting Up the Mood with the Perfect DJ


People become judgmental during wedding ceremonies as they pinpoint what is wrong or inappropriate during the ceremony especially during the reception. The reception is one of the most awaited part of the event and the DJ is the one that carries and draws the mood to place. So here are some questions you may ask regarding your special day with regards to setting up the mood.


Should You use a band or a DJ?

  • There are a lot of problems you can encounter when choosing between a band or a DJ. Well, this can only be solved by knowing the kind of musical feel and experience you want for your reception and the amount you are to spend. An experienced wedding band knows how to keep the reception moving along by keeping everything fresh, alive and exciting; also, they are experienced in doing all the traditions such as special dances for the bride and her father and many more. However, you are to spend more compared to a DJ. DJs are trained to carry the program by acting as an emcee and music director at the same time. This will minimize the risk of having problems when it comes to interaction with the audience and will provide the crowd with a wide selection of music requests.

What are the qualities of a good DJ?

  • There are several types of DJs you can find such as casual guys in Orlando who moonlights as DJs or professional wedding or corporate DJs who are fully equipped with their own light shows. A DJ should be able to keep the crowd moving during dance portions and entertained during rest periods. The flow of music should be perfect for the mood of the wedding or reception to make the people feel what the occasion is about. A great DJ is a good emcee as well, the talent of getting people involved in the activity is one of the best traits you have to find.

Should they be available for backup plans?

  • It is inevitable for weddings to encounter problems when it comes to bands or even amateur DJs. If that happens, it is best to have an easy access in cases of reception emergencies.


Let not the music, dead-air and other problems be the reason for the worst weddings. Pick one who can carry all these and turn things around.


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