Massage and Deep Muscle Therapy: The Combination to Knock Out Stress


The stress brought by our workload can become too overbearing. When it begins to take its toll on our bodies, we might be forced to rest and stay at home for a few days. This is not an option especially for those who are in tough times and who badly need money. So what should we do in order to get rid of stress before it gets rid of us?

Massage therapy is the most popular treatment that people seek for stress relief, as well as body pain management. Studies have shown how massage can get rid of tension that builds up when muscles are overused.

There is however, another massage service that can do wonders to tired and aching muscles. A popular massage spa in the country offers this service as an upgrade to their regular massage therapy session. This service is called deep muscle therapy.

Deep muscle therapy is a concentrated massage therapy that targets deep muscle pain through the use of warming and cooling thermal treatments after a customized full body massage. It is known to provide deep muscle pain relief from various injuries and other chronic conditions, as well as decrease inflammation, and increase blood circulation to different muscular tissues. Individuals who are recommended for this type of massage add-on service are those who suffer from chronic pain and limited mobility due to athletic training, repetitive movements, and muscle overuse.

There are three different areas targeted by this massage spa service. These are:

  1. Legs and Feet – Deep muscle therapy is good for overworked legs and feet. It relieves pain caused by plantar fasciitis, as well as chronic ankle and knee injuries.
  2. Back and Neck – Deep muscle therapy can provide relief for chronic back and neck pain. It relieves the overuse of muscle in these areas from physical work and other activities.
  3. Hands and Arms – Especially recommended for overworked hands and arms, deep muscle therapy relieves pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and shoulder joint injuries.

Deep muscle therapy uses the following elements for a successful massage spa treatment:

  1. Warming towel compression – This helps relax sore and tensed muscles.
  2. Therapeutic warming ointment – This gives the receiver of massage a warm sensation. The therapist, on the other hand, can glide into deeper muscle groups and do the necessary work without having to worry about skin friction.
  3. Cooling gel – This one releases tension, decreases pain, and invigorates muscles. Cooling gels ready the muscles for another round of use.



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