Residential Storage: Keeping It Safe and Spacious


More clients settle for residential storage due to the fact that they not just keep or store, but they help you move and organize. These may be simple to say but is a difficult task and can be the cause of lost and damaged items. Let’s do this step by step.


  • Gathering supplies- boxes and tapes are not enough; packing will require you to add bubble wraps, padding supplies, wrapping sheets and labeling stickers to your list to ensure safekeeping and shock-free storage while on the move. Residential storage companies should be able to provide you with the said materials for you to be able to have more time on packing and moving than jumping from one store to another for completion.
  • Space and weight- heavy materials should not be packed in one huge box but should be in small boxes to avoid breaking. For breakable items, extra layers of wrapping paper or bubble wraps should be used to have extra precautions. For empty spaces, wadded or crushed newspapers can fill the spaces to lessen the shock.
  • Labeling- residential storage is easy since you only have a few rooms to pack and organize. It is best to pack everything that belongs to one room to monitor the things that are missing and which box should be placed up front in the residential storage facility.



  • According to Size and weight- loading the largest and heaviest item should be the first such as the stove, the dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. this will lessen the impact on the other items when the truck suddenly stops and everything moves forward.
  • Shelves- some residential storage companies provide moving trucks made with shelves to add more space for large boxes and provide extra care for knick knacks.
  • Fill-ins- the last items that should be loaded into the truck are those that do not contain anything fragile. A bag of linens, clothes, sheets, etc. can fill in empty spaces in the moving truck and can help in reducing shock that can damage other items.


If you find yourself having trouble in organizing and moving, leave it to the experts. Residential storage companies in Jacksonville, FL are complete with all the things and services you need.

Jacksonville Storage
10724 Lem Turner Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32218

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