Detecting Phone Line Problems and Quick Fixes


The static sound has always been the most common complaints by customers. The easiest way to find the source of your woe is by listening carefully. Static sounds can be caused by cordless sets, answering machines, faulty wiring etc. and the buzzing sound, which is commonly rooted to high frequency signals from your modem. Here are some of the steps on how you can fix them.

  • Find out whether you are the only one experiencing such disturbances on the phone lines because sometimes, old phone lines can malfunction and create problems. If you are not the only one, check whether there is a problem with the modem you are working with.
  • Make sure that the phone cords plug into the jack is straight and with proper length (3.7 meters). You are more likely to encounter phone line problems with a longer cord because the farther data has to travel, the more problems are on the way.
  • Try another phone jack. The more likely you are to find damages on other phone lines due to the electrical surges on the jacks.
  • When your internet access is involved in the interruption, make sure to replace your old machine with new and high quality filter on every phone and fax machine. You can also add in a line noise filter. This small device is easily attached to your phone and can alleviate noise to improve the quality of your phone lines.
  • There are instances where loop current and circuit loss are encountered in phone lines; the high or low loop current create disturbances and sometime cause complete loss in communications. When such problems occur, try facilitating changes in cables first before getting into or jump starting the system or modem. This is when the loop current booster comes in; this is when two switches work to match the polarity of the phone line and neutralize the current flow.
  • Electrical ground is also a common cause of phone line problems in Tampa, FL. Due to the extreme changes in the weather, proper connection to your phone lines are highly recommended to avoid short circuits and grounds when water passes through.


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