Moving Boxes in Miami, FL


Moving is part of our lives. Kids move their way to college; some families move their way to their new home. Moving can be a tiring process if it is not organized. For moving to be a breeze, time should be devoted to proper packing. One of the best ways to pack properly is to invest in boxes.

Buying new boxes, or even used boxes, from packing and shipping companies or office supply stores in Miami, FL can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to find free boxes. Stores, shops, and organizations that do not need moving boxes give them away for free.

Here are some tips to help you save money on boxes:

  1. Visit grocery stores in Miami, FL. Most grocery stores discard their cardboard boxes once the products are displayed on shelf. Ask for boxes used for produce (e.g. apple crates) because they are sturdier. Talk to the manager and you have great chances of going home with many free boxes.
  2. Visit large retailers in Miami, FL. Examples of establishments that you may ask free boxes from are bookstores, liquor stores, restaurants, office supply stores, hardware stores, and electronic stores. Most of these establishments discard their boxes once they have unloaded merchandise. A wise move is to know when their shipments arrive so you have better chances of getting free boxes.
  3. Check local banks and offices in Miami, FL. Professional offices receive reams of paper on a regular basis. These reams of papers come in boxes with lids which will be really helpful for packing fragile items.
  4. Ask local schools in Miami, FL if they have boxes to be given away. Their administrative offices may have boxes from their office supplies, while the cafeterias may have produce or food boxes that they would just throw away.
  5. Get in touch with local recycling centers. People often leave their boxes at recycling centers once they are done using it. You may look for recycling centers in Miami, FL to score some free boxes.

Of course, cheap and free boxes are often used already. Most of them come in good quality, while there are those whose quality is already compromised. You have to exercise caution when choosing which boxes to use for your fragile items. But if you want to have new boxes instead of used ones, visit moving companies as they also sell different moving supplies.

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