Jaguar Drivetrain 101


Jaguar vehicles are well-known for their active power transfer control technology that enhances traction while retaining the sporty agility and steering feel. Jaguar drivetrain features include an all-new 340 HP supercharged Jaguar V6, fuel-saving stop and start technology, and ZF® eight-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission. But what exactly is a Jaguar drivetrain and what does it do?

Jaguar Drivetrain Defined

A drivetrain refers to the collection of components in a vehicle that drive the vehicle forward. Drivetrains work with the vehicle’s power supply in order to move the wheels. Even simpler vehicles like bikes have drivetrains which include the chain, front chain rings, rear gear cassette, and rear wheel.

A drivetrain is also known as the power train. Jaguar drivetrain components are most often all positioned behind the engine and head back toward the rear of the vehicle. The engine is sometimes considered a part of the drivetrain as well.

The components of a Jaguar drivetrain include:

  1. Transmission –
  2. Driveshaft
  3. Axles
  4. Wheels

How does a Jaguar Drivetrain work?

The Jaguar drivetrain transfers power from the engine to the parts of the vehicle that make contact with the ground. The engine produces the power through combustion, which in turn powers a spinning flywheel on the rear of the engine. Then, the rest of the components are now at work. The transmission makes contact with the flywheel and can control the amount of power or torque transferred to the rest of the drivetrain. The driveshaft – the long, straight shaft that runs from the transmission to the rear axle – spins, thus delivering power to the rear axle. The rear axle then prompts the wheels to turn.

Problems with the Jaguar Drivetrain

If not taken care of properly, problems with the Jaguar drivetrain components may occur. In manual cars, problems typically occur in the clutch system. In general, though, problems afflict the speedometer cable, the gear shift mechanisms, and the flywheel.

The flywheel is the base of the clutch. When this becomes worn out, the clutch may “slip” frequently. The drivetrain will be severely affected by clutch slips which will make the car become unstable at high speeds.

Make sure that your Jaguar drivetrain is always fit to do its job. Pay regular visits to a mechanic that specializes on Jaguar parts.


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