When Do You Need A Transmission Flush?


Transmission flush should be done every other year to protect your transmission’s linings. However, there are instances where vehicle owners do not have the time or even forget to have a transmission flush regularly. There are some signs you can observe when in need for a transmission flush.

  • Grinding noise– dirt, dust, and sludge accumulate in small spaces in a transmission system. The signs of this problem are similar to that with inadequate transmission fluid. The transmission parts run smoothly when without any obstructions but when dirt accumulates, friction creates the annoying grinding sound that also damage small moving parts of your transmission. When driving, stop the vehicle and check the fluid level while the engine is running. Ensure that the transmission fluid is still in a bright red color and not dark brown or black. When everything seems clear and in an adequate level, your vehicle probably needs a transmission flush.
  • Shifting gears– problems with the hydraulic power will result in changes in auto running and changing of gears. For automatic transmission, you will find that the gears change too late while with manual transmission, you will find it very difficult to change gears at all. The reason for this is that the transmission fluid does not flow easily throughout the car’s transmission, making the gears stiff.
  • Slipping gears– the hydraulic power of your transmission is responsible for keeping the gears in place; a dirty transmission will result to lack of hydraulic power, which also result in slipping of gears due to the inadequate pressure provided to maintain the gear at its place. Transmission flush is needed to wipe out all the contaminants that build up in small spaces that impede the fluid flow.
  • Surging– your vehicle is in need of a transmission flush when you notice a sudden jumping and fall back for no good reason. This unexplainable surging may be caused by unintended changing of gears, which is caused by inconsistent flow of clean transmission fluid.
  • Delay– when your vehicle tends to get working a few seconds after you have changed gears, it is definitely a sign of the need for a transmission flush; just like the computer, your transmission tends to be very slow at processing the said command.


Don’t wait for your vehicle to experience bigger problems when you can just fix it with a simple transmission flush.


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6204 North Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604

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