Cleaning Hardwood Floors: The Safe and Natural Way


With the right materials and cleaning agents, your hardwood floors will surely maintain its purpose and style. The secret ingredient is to never use acidic agents; it is 100% sure in keeping stains off the floors but it also slowly eats away the poly. Cleaning hardwood floors should be simple and light; here are some tips that could help you.

Cleaning hardwood floors require regular sweeping or dusting; the use of ordinary brooms is fine but it does not take off the dirt in between the planks or the creases. The use of a soft dusting pad is the best way to keep the planks clean as it does not ruin the natural or wax coating. In proper dusting, let the pad work through the panels without lifting to avoid larger debris getting under the pad and scratching your hardwood floors. If sweeping is not enough for you, vacuum can follow or just be an alternative.

Another is the use of cleaning agents. Cleaning hardwood floors are far different from those of linoleum and tiles. Strong agents are very harmful for your hardwood floors as it dries the material and removes the wax finish. A techniques used in keeping stains off your hardwood floors is by simply using water or mild soap diluted in a large amount of water. Cleaning hardwood floors should be done with the right amount of agents and a protective finish.

Talking about protective finish, hardwood floors are finished with a protective layer that preserves, strengthens and maintains the quality of the material. In cleaning hardwood floors, the protective layer is scratched off and as it thins out, it is best for you to replace it by applying regular wax or shiner at a weekly basis. Never use oil soaps or oil based shiners as it makes the hardwood floor dangerously slippery or can seep into the material making it soggy.

You can avoid the tiring cleaning of hardwood floors by keeping them away from damp cloth, wet buckets and wiping off spills immediately. The more you become careful in maintenance, the more you can save time and money in cleaning hardwood floors.


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