Wedding DJs and Bands: The Mood Makers


The wedding DJ or band determines whether the wedding is a boom or a bust; so it is up to you to decide whether you are into live music or a recorded consistent playlist. There are a thousand things wedding DJs and bands encounter during a set; so the challenge is how they deal with it.

A Wedding DJ or a Band?

Choosing between the two is tough for weddings in Tampa FL now have departed from the traditional ceremonies. Band music provides a natural and romantic scene as the acoustics create that sense of elegance. Another advantage of having a band in the wedding is that they are so used to the routine in wedding ceremonies that they tend to add extra plays to enhance and interact with the audiences. However, the downside of having a wedding band is that they do not have the ability to play all requested songs and will require more breaks than a wedding DJ. For wedding DJs, there is a consistency in music all throughout the event; they also have more time to interact with the audience and can serve as an emcee as well.

What are the qualities of a Wedding DJ?

A wide knowledge in music, genre and events is the number one thing to consider. You can easily judge his level of expertise as he presents a list of the songs to be played at your wedding. Another way to measure his expertise is to give him a certain theme and see if he could select a playlist that would fit in. Next is to test his personality; whether he is good with audiences or not. A good wedding DJ do not only control music but also controls and entertains the crowd. You can start assessing your wedding DJ from his looks or how he dresses up for work. It is best to keep the ceremony formal and expect everyone to be at their best. Last is the ability to control unwanted events. When something goes wrong with the sound system of even the ceremony itself, it is but great to be with one who could turn things around and bring back the romance in the room.

Getting married means a lot of work from dresses and food, to music and venue. Wedding companies in Tampa FL have a couple of tricks under their sleeves to bring you a unique wedding that will surely last. Make sure to give them a call and grab that dream wedding you’ve always wanted.


Diamond Events Inc.
5470 E Busch Blvd Ste 135, Tampa, FL 33617

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